Department of English

• Introduction:

• The Department was established in 1959 with the beginning of this college.
• Since its beginning the Department of English has been working actively, imparting good education to students at Graduate and Post Graduate level.
• The Department has given a large number of teachers, professors, principals, police inspectors, army officers, lawyers and social workers to the society from its students. The alumni of this department have brought great credit to our college.
• Even today our students bring credit to our college with their bright performance in curricular and co-curricular activities. They lead fields like music, oratory, quiz, etc.
• The department has a rich legacy of dedicated scholarly teachers like late Prof. K.N. Iyer, late Prof. H. C. Trivedi, Prof. A. K. Bhatt, Prof. B. K. Thakkar, Prof. B. N. Pathak, Prof. Dr. V. S. Patel, Prof. L.M. Revadiwala, and Prof. K. T. Deria as heads of the department in the past.
• Currently Prof. A.B.Trivedi is heading the Department.
• The department has been fortunate to have dedicated teachers.
• Two of our present teachers are reading for their Ph.D.
• Besides regular teaching, the department also takes care to develop communicative skills among its students through its skill development programmes of English Proficiency Club.

• Mission:

• To create among our students awareness for English.
• To develop among our students required language skills in English.
• Overall development of personality of students.

• Aims & Objectives:

• Enabling our students to develop skills in English Language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Communication Skills.
• Enhancing students’ interest and understanding in literature and enriching their understanding of life by it.
• An overall development of student’s personality through extracurricular activities of our English Proficiency Club.
• Providing good and efficient teachers of English to the society.
• An overall academic development of Faculty members of the Department.

• Career Opportunities in English :

• Learning a global language gives global exposure and global opportunities.
• Competence in English gives ample opportunities of jobs as it helps very much in competitive exams.
• Ample opportunities exist in the field of translation for the students of English.
• English knowing persons are in great demand in various fields like education, banking, journalism, marketing, multinational companies, hotel industry and many such fields.
• In the field of publication also English knowing persons can work as proof readers.

• Faculty List :

Sr. No. Name: Designation Degree Mobile No.

Trivedi Arvindkumar Babulal
Associate Professor & Head M.A.;M.Phil. 9377719200

Patel Vishnubhai Ishvardas
Associate Professor M.A. 9898674611

Patel Rajesh Shivabhai
Associate Professor M.A. 9427683310

Prajapati Paresh D.
Ad-hoc Lecturer M.A.;M.Phil. 9687619055

Adhyapak Chaitali S.
Ad-hoc Lecturer M.A., B.Ed 9426049389

• Faculty List :

Sr. No. Name OP/RC Seminar/ Conference/ Workshops Papers Presented Papers Published Book Published
1. Mr. A. B.Trivedi 3 15 2 2 0
2. Mr. V. I. Patel 4 16 1 1 1
3. Mr. R. S. Patel 4 19 1 1 0
4. Mr. P.D.Prajapati - - - - -
5. Ms. C. S. Adhyapak - - - - -

• Student Strength of the Department :

Class B.A Sem-I B.A Sem-III B.A Sem-V M.A Sem-I
Total no. of Students 215 223 165 72

• Exam Method: (Semester System) :

Evaluation as per the pattern prescribed by CBCS

 Formative Evaluation

-Seminar: 05 Marks
-Assignments/Term-papers: 05 Marks

 Summative Evaluation

-Internal Evaluation Tests (30%)
-External Exam (University Exam 70%)

• Result T.Y.B.A. (Special Only) :

Year Class College Univercity
2008-09 T.Y.B.A. 85.43% 82.97%
2009-10 T.Y.B.A. 80.85% 90.00%
2010-11 T.Y.B.A. 42.02% 91.00%
2011-12 T.Y.B.A. 61.42% 87.15%
2012-13 T.Y.B.A. 74.30% 90.37%

• Activities of the Department under English Proficiency Club :

The following activities are done every year:

• Prize Distribution and Freshers’ Welcome
• Orientation Course for new entrants
• Book Exhibition for Students of Core English exhibiting all textbooks, reference books, all study material and important websites
An Essay Competition for students to develop the writing skills
A Debate / Elocution Competition for development of oratory skills among students
A Poetry Reading/ Recitation Competition
• A Literary Quiz Competition
An Academic Tour once a year for the development of community life and environment awareness among students
Lectures by Experts in English and BISAG / SANDHAN lectures for students
SCOPE Training for English improvement and testing by Cambridge University
Teacher’s Day Celebration

• Books and Magazines of English in the Library :

Total No. of Books 5173
Magazines / Periodicals and Journals 05
C.Ds 50
News Papers 02