College Founder

Shri and Smt. P. K. Kotawala


The vision of Shri & Smt. P.K Kotawala Arts College, Patan To attain excellence of students in academic world and prepare them to face the challenges of 21st century world, to inculcate in students the skills and values necessary to succeed in real life and above all to make them responsible citizens and real human beings with compassion and love.


To help and promote education by providing opportunities and creating an academic environment along with sports, cultural and social activities for the overall development of learner’s personality.

Goals and Objectives

•  To Provide educational opportunities to students of all sections of society
•  To develop among students communicative skills to meet the requirements of higher education.
  To create awareness among students for social causes.
•  To provide them a blend of education and technology to pursue high ideals.
  To create self-confidence among students by providing them scope for active participation in various activities.

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